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ABS Utility Billing
Work Orders
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ABS Utility Billing Work Orders for complete scheduling and billing.
Easily manage the maintenance of your water system. Completely integrated within the ABS Utility Billing system for easy, quick dispatch of work orders.

Prepare and Schedule Work Orders Using the ABS Utility Billing Work Order Option
Organize your works orders in one place in ABS Utility Billing for easy access.

Work Orders for connections, disconnections and repairs of meters and equipment. Reports showing work to be preformed as well as work completed and work in progress. Reports can be selected showing work by date, by route, by staff, by customer or by equipment.
Meter History automatically created from the Work Orders and maintenance notes Letters and Notices for notifying customers of scheduled work or work performed
Work Orders can be accessed directly from the Customer Center. Search for work orders by customer number, meter number, meter serial number and service address

Increase Revenue and Decrease Costs

Automatically Maintain Service History
Service history is automatically built from the Work Orders and maintenance notes. Create a complete history without typing in lengthy service records. Easy access to unlimited service and maintenance history.
Increase Revenue by Billing for Services
Increase revenue by efficiently scheduling and managing services such as connections and development inspections. Invoices can be created directly from any Work Order for billable services.
Decrease Losses and Equipment Failure
More efficient management of urgent maintenance tasks help keep water losses at a minimum. Regular periodic maintenance keeps equipment failures low. Losses from old and worn equipment can be reduced by tracking the areas where repair is most needed.

Instant Access to Maintenance Data

Management Reports
Work Order breakdown reports can be generated for each staff person, type of maintenance, by route and by time period. Use these reports to manage periodic maintenance projects as well as timely repairs. Generate annual maintenance reports for Board Meetings or audit purposes at the touch of a button.
Instant Access to All Your Maintenance Data
Work Orders provides instant access to meter records and unlimited access to the meter test history and notes. The meter maintenance history can be printed or viewed in full detail.Usage history and billing account information for each meter can also be accessed through the ABS Utility Billing.

`ABS Utility Billing has got my back. They`ve got my back when it comes to tracking our jobs. They`ve got my back when it comes to documenting what we have done. And I don`t have to go back and double-check them. I`ve never had to worry.` Mike Gerick, Forest Highlands Water Company

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