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August 31, 2019

Two simple methods for saving
time and money.
Streamline your operations using email statements and by taking
credit card payments from your website.
Use e-statements and e-payments to free up your time and lower cost.
The two features that are most effective at saving time and money are email statements and accepting credit card payments from the ABS Customer Portal.
Email statements are free and easy to send.
Email statements are included with ABS Utility Billing. All you need are the email addresses for the customers who want to receive statements by email.

Once you do your billing, you can send email statements from the Print Statement screen with the touch of a button. You save the cost of paper, toner, envelopes and stamps. You save the time needed to print, sort, fold and stuff envelopes. The email statements can be sent at the same time, or instead of, the printed statements from the same `Print` screen.

The email statements resemble the printed statements and contain the same information. A copy of the email statement is saved on the customer`s account when you hit the `Save` button after emailing.

Online credit card payments save time and money.
The integrated Payment Processing option is a faster, more accurate way to receive payments. The utility customer enters the payment directly into the ABS Customer Portal, which is a real time-savings for the operator.

Customers can go online to the Customer Portal and make a payment using a credit card. The customer gets immediate feedback that the payment was accepted and an email receipt is sent for the payment.

The payments are immediately verified and automatically posted to the customer`s utility account. The payment is also immediately sent to the processing company for deposit directly into the utility`s bank account. The payment is added to a list of credit card payments in ABS Utility Billing.

The cost of Credit Card processing is covered using Convenience Fees paid by the customer, so there is no net cost to the utility. The Convenience Fee is automatically added to the payment when it is made and is also posted on the customer`s account.
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