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ABS Fund Accounting
True Integration for simplicity and accuracy
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Real-time financial results for your local government or utility.
ABS Fund Accounting provides you with accurate, up-to-date reports to let you know where you stand, all at the touch of a button.

Fund Accounting made simple.
Enter transactions only once into the integrated modules for real-time financial statements in Fund Accounting.

Real-time posting of Utility Billing, Accounts Payable and Payroll transactions into Fund Accounting.

Fund Statement reports show the bank balances along with the assets and liabilities for each Fund.
True Fund Accounting, with real time integration, operates on either a Cash or Accrual basis.

Individual GL accounts can be printed for any period and list the transaction detail for that account.
Standard Chart of Accounts can be modified or enter your own CofA for an unlimited number of Funds.

Revenue and Expense reports by Fund show the surplus or deficit for the month or by the year.
View, work and print reports in multiple years. Includes Bank Reconcile to cross-check transactions.

Payables made simple.
ABS Accounts Payable simplifies paying invoices, managing vendor information and providing real-time financial reports by Fund.
Set up Vendors with detailed information and default accounts. History of invoices, payments and credits is maintained across fiscal years Range of reports include Aging Reports, applied payment reports, checks by GL code, payments by Fund and Vendor history for any date range
Print computer check batches, single checks and manual checks from multiple banks Payables integrate with General Ledger for Fund Balance and Budget to Actual reports in real time
Easily allocate expenses to different funds with a single invoice

All reports can be previewed and exported to spreadsheet and PDF files
Fully Integrated with Fund Accounting,
Accounts Payable lets you easily charge multiple funds, cost centers and activities with a single invoice. All transfers between Funds are automatically created to ensure the Funds remain in balance. One central pooled cash account can be used for all disbursements, because accurate fund balances are maintained with input from Utility Billing and Accounts Payable. If multiple bank accounts are required, Accounts Payable can work with as many bank accounts as needed.

Payroll made simple.
ABS Payroll integrates with Fund Accounting, Utility Billing and Accounts Payable to complete the financial system.
Easy setup of salaried and hourly employees in multiple funds and multiple bank accounts Create reports with earnings, tax totals, vacation, sick and personal time for any time period
Tracks employee hours, vacation, sick and personal time automatically Generates state and federal payroll tax totals for reporting
Handles Contributions and Deductions for health and other benefits

Document performance with unlimited employee notes
Prints computer checks with deduction details Prints system-generated W2 and 1099 forms

`I really like how I can see my revenue, usage and cash reports daily, monthly, annually from anywhere. It`s really convenient and setup was easy. I wanted to do something that was convenient ... ABS Utility Billing just works for me.`
Sarah Seiger, Starlight Water Company

Starting at $295
ABS Fund Accounting , including Accounts Payables, Payroll and Bank Reconcile, for 100 connections.
to see ABS Utility Billing in action.
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